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Fantastic and amazing facilities at the all new 4-star Resort is the perfect setting for a wonderful and memorable English language study holiday.
Overlooking the clear Mediterranean blue sea, the Resort is ideally located in the tranquil area of Salina Bay. It is a comfortable distance away from the noise of the urban towns and entertainment areas of St Julians, St Paul’s Bay and Bugibba. With a new 4-lane road running along a stretch of Malta’s northern coast the Resort is only a 10 to 15-minute car ride to the main school in St Julians.
The Young Learners programme is designed to teach English to our youngest students in a fun, stimulating and interactive way. The programme is an all-inclusive package which includes dynamic lessons, accommodation at the 4 star Resort on full-board, airport transfers and a full age-appropriate activity programme  
A Learning Facilitator, who is also a qualified EFL teacher, accompanies children during lessons and on all activities so that you can rest assured that your child is under a watchful (and friendly!) eye.  Young Learner students are not allowed to leave the residence except to go on activities.

The organiser is the most internationally accredited independent language school in Malta. Our accreditations are recognition of our high standards and commitment to delivering quality English programmes and services.


✔ speak more fluently

✔ develop your English language skills

✔ improve the general level of English

✔ make new friends from all over the world

Junior Camp: 12 – 14 years

The programme for 10- 13 year olds is an exciting English learning experience both in and out of class.  The programme is all inclusive with General English 20 lessons

Teen Club: 14 – 17 years
This is a well-designed package for 14 – 17 year olds offering dynamic and interactive English lessons, exciting age appropriate activities

What is included in your programme?

Young Learners are grouped according to age and follow a dynamic and activity-based English learning programme.  Naturally curious, children love exploring, playing games and trying out anything new.  For this reason, our Young Learners classes are designed to combine learning with activity and play, giving as many opportunities for indirect learning as possible.  Small group and pair work activities help to build your child’s confidence as s/he interacts in English with multinational friends. Our qualified teachers use many innovative stimulating techniques to keep your child motivated and excited about learning the English language.Typical classroom activities include learning English through songs, music, films, creating and describing art and craft activities.  Culture also plays a part in the classroom with multicultural interests such as national hobbies, traditional dishes and favourite sports being a popular topic discussed during the lessons. 

Social programme
The Young Learners programme includes a full weekly schedule of fun, educational activities with plenty of  opportunity to make friends with other nationalities and practise English.   Group Leaders assist, supervise and interact with Young Learner students on all organised activities and at the residence in a safety-first environment.  Our Group Leaders are friendly and caring giving our young students support and comforting guidance in what is usually their first holiday away from home. The activity programme is planned with care and attention to safety and funactivities which such young students would enjoy.  Some of our favourite activities are bowling, a visit to the Splash and Fun Water Park and a treasure hunt. 

The Residence
The Young Learners programme is run at the Resort which is  a Superior four-star hotel just 15 minutes away by car/bus from the Main School.  The Resort is situated in the North of Malta close to St Paul’s bay and located on a gentle sloping hill in front of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served at the hotel and are on a buffet style offering lots of choice and quality.  Modern, bright and air conditioned classes with Interactive White Boards are conveniently within the hotel saving students lots of travel time. 
Students are placed in standard quad rooms on the first, second and third floors of the hotel with other students of the same gender and as much as possible of different nationalities.
Amenities in all guest rooms include:
  •   en suite bathroom
  •   air conditioning
  •   TV
  •   hair dryer
  •   safe
  •   frigo fridge
24/7 Welfare & Support 
Group Leaders are always present at Resort offering support and assistance to  all students 24/7 and on all organised activities. A nurse and first aiders are on site and at activities and a medical doctor is available on call.  

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the students’ dining rooms offering an excellent choice of nutritious  food.
Breakfast is served between 07:30 and 08:30 am.  
Hot lunch is served on weekdays and a packed lunch on Saturday & Sunday.  
Dinner is served at 19:00 hours.
All meals vary from day to day and include a good choice of salads, pastas, pizza, meats, fish, fruit and dessert/ice cream.

The teachers are native-level speakers who are adept at helping you define and achieve your learning objectives.  Every year our teachers participate in teacher training courses as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which ensures that they are always up-to-date with new teaching trends and technology including the use of interactive whiteboards and keeping up with all latest developments in teaching English as a foreign language.

Sailing & English

Combine learning and practice of sailing with your English learning .
In combination with the Teen Club Programme, the English + Sailing package offers teen students the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing in the setting of the beautiful Mediterranean sea whilst learning English and making new friends.  If you love the sea, think you would enjoy sailing or already do know how to sail then take advantage of being in Malta and experience the wind, sun and salt in your face while learning the joy of sailing.   
 learn the basics of sailing
 attend English lessons
join other students on activities except the ones coinciding with sailing

MINIMUM AGE 14 years

LENGTH OF COURSE 1 week / sailing level

SESSIONS/WEEK Daily (Monday – Friday)
English Lessons 
Students in the Sailing & English programme attend English lessons with other students in the Teen Club and follow a General English 20 course.  Placement in the class is according to the students’ level after assessment following a Placement test and a brief interview with the teacher on the first day of school. 
English lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.  And likewise Sailing lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.

Students may choose one of the following two Sailing courses depending on their previous sailing experience:

1. Sailing Level One (4 half days/12 hours)

This course is intended for those persons who are new to this sport and willing to learn the first basic steps to becoming a dinghy sailor. After completing the course, students are expected to indicate main sailing boat parts and rigging and sail a triangular course in a mono sail (topper) in light to moderate conditions all under supervision.

Course Outline:

  • Main boat parts, rigging, launching, clothing and safety

  • First basic knots (reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline, r-turn and two half hitches), wind direction, orientation and balance

  • Basic sailing points i.e. beating, reaching, downwind with required settings

  • Required sheeting and centreboard settings of all sailing points.

  • Tacking, stopping, regaining speed and basic boat handling

  • Capsize on a single-handed boat

*Note: The sailing course programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions.

2. Sailing Level Two (4 half days/12 hours)

This course is recommended as an immediate follow up to the beginner’s course, to improve skills and for those students who want to sail single-handed and unsupervised in closed waters (bays and harbours) in moderate conditions.

Course Outline:

• Rigging and unrigging several types of boats

• Introduction to the theory of sailing and first rules of the road

• Learn launching and recovery with inshore and offshore winds

• Capsize, safety precautions, man overboard recovery, coming alongside, knots, mast and sail setting, introduction to seamanship

• Further knots, boat trim and balance, heaving to, planning your course, safety and precautions

• The aim of this course is to learn to sail independently

*Note: The sailing course programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions.

Social programme

Students attending Sailing & English follow the same Social programme as all other students in the Teen Club programme except for those activities which coincide with the students’ sailing lessons in the morning or afternoon. 

Diving & English

Take advantage of studying English at ESE and learn to dive in the spectacular Mediterranean 

€345 / starting price / per week

Malta was voted the second Best Diving Destination in the world by DIVE magazine in 2019

The Maltese islands are a true paradise for divers and snorkelers alike with clear blue waters and moderate temperatures.  The islands’ underwater landscape has a unique topographic structure with healthy flora and fauna making it an ideal location to learn and practice this sport. 

Our partners works closely with one of Malta’s leading and most experienced diving schools to offer you the best conditions for underwater diving while studying English.

Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to learn English and dive in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.


✔ speak more fluently

✔ read and write

✔ understand different accents

✔ expand your vocabluary

Entry level - Starter

Minimum Age - 14 years

Length of Course 1 or 2 weeks

Sessions/week : 9 half days or 5 half days

English Lessons 

Students in the Diving & English programme attend English lessons with other students in the Teen Club and follow a General English 20 course.  Placement in the class is according to the students’ level after assessment following a Placement test and a brief interview with the teacher on the first day of school. 

English lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.  And likewise Diving lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.

You can choose any of the following three courses depending on your diving experience and qualifications.

1. PADI Discover Scuba Course (3 hours)

This course is for the beginner who would like to experience what it’s like to breathe underwater but not yet sure whether to take the plunge into a certification course.   If you like the sea and nature this course will give you a good idea what it’s like to wear scuba equipment and how easy it is to move around once in the water.  And importantly you will learn some important basic skills and safety rules all supervised under the direct supervision of a PADI professional.

The course includes a session in the pool or a confined water area where you will learn the basic skills and then an Open Water dive.

2. PADI Two Week Open Water Diving Course (9 half days)

The Open Water Diving Course gives complete beginners instructions and essential knowledge on the basic skills needed to dive safely. The course consists of:

  • five (5) Knowledge Development sessions in the classroom
  • five (5) confined water dives in a pool or a sheltered bay where you learn basic practical water skills
  • four (4) open water dives. 

Nine (9) half days are required to complete the course.

3. PADI One Week Advanced Open Water Diving Course (5 half days)

This course is an ideal follow-up to the beginners course and in fact a valid Open Water Certificate is required to enrol on this course. This course provides the Open Water Diver with structured, and well-supervised sessions to gain additional experience. 

This course consists of five (5) open water dives: Deep, Navigation and Three Elective Dives which can be either of the following – Multi-Level, Naturalist, Wreck, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery or Night Dives.

English with Diving courses include use of diving equipment, Certification card,  ESE organised return transport to/from school, a Crew Pack including GO Dive Manual, RDP and booklet, PADI log book and PADI promotional materials.

*Note: Students under 18 years of age who enrol on the Diving course must have PADI Basic/Advanced Consent Forms completed and signed by parents/guardians before being accepted on the course. The diving programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions.


  • 15 minutes by bus to language school
  • Located in St Julian’s, 450 yards from St George’s Bay Beach
  • Beautiful unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea

Facilități și activități

Facilities and services

 Spacious quadruple en-suite rooms
 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 24/7 Welfare & Assistance
 Student Lounge
 Games room
 Laundry services
 600 sq m outdoor pool
 Tennis / Paddle Court
 Wifi in public areas

Informații tarif

The programmes at include the following:

 •     General English 20 course (20 group lessons per week, each lesson 45 minutes)

 •     Maximum number of students per class: 15

 •     Full board accommodation at the Resort including buffet breakfast, lunch (Monday to Friday), packed lunch (Saturday & Sunday) and dinner

 •     Meet and Greet at airport by an representative and airport transfers

 •     24/7 welfare and student support

 •     Welcome Pack including map

 •     Course materials & end-of-course certificate

 •     T-shirt

 •     StudentCard

 •     supervised full activity programme Monday to Saturday

 •     Transport to/from school and organised activities 


- airplaine ticket 
- medical insurance
- registration fee = 50 Euro 

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